Most used forum plugins for WordPress

Most used forum plugins for WordPress
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If you are a WordPress Developer looking forward to building a community of active users, or a businessman trying to attract new customers to the site, you definitely need a supportive and interactive system. Specifically, a system that is capable of building a strong relationship between customers and service providers. Such systems have been referred to as forums in the modern world. These forums have come up as an exquisite method to create a strong interaction between potential customers and their service providers via discussions, comments, feedbacks, etc. All credits to science and technology that there have emerged manifold one-stop solutions like frameworks, content management systems, plugins, etc. And this utility is best utilized when combined with some powerful web platforms like WordPress. There are hundreds and thousands of WordPress plugins integrated to simplify and leverage this process of question and answers. In short, managing and creating forums have got easy with WordPress. Explore this article in detail and pick the best forum plugin available free of cost to run on your WordPress site.

DW Question & Answer

DW Question & Answer This is one of the best WordPress Forum plugins that have simplified the process of getting the full-fledged question and answer site. Constituting all the latest and robust features, this plugin is quite easy to use. Much like Quora and Yahoo, it allows users to submit, search, and filter questions on the basis of status and other factors. Well, the best thing about this plugin is that it enables users to answer and vote for their entries. Here are reasons to go for this plugin:
  • Available free of cost
  • Supports more than 15 languages
  • Customized Notification for emails
  • Offers reCAPTCHA powered by Google
  • Provides extensive support for comments, questions & answers
  • Manages discussion on the basis of status
  • Comes with an option to Vote the best answer
Download the Plugin


AnsPress AnsPress is a remarkable forum WordPress plugin that effectively functions for questions and answers. This plugin is highly customizable having a clean, well-organized, and simplified layout. Moreover, the flexibility of this plugin additively helps in distinguishing specific comments, questions, and answers by using the specific color. The users can also tag, subscribe, categorize discussions and get notifications about them all. Here are reasons to go for this plugin:
  • Registered user can upvote/downvote a discussion
  • Pre-existing list of items
  • Comes with an inbuilt image uploader
  • Supports 5+ inbuilt widgets that can be used for showcasing links and content wherever you want on your site.
  • Available free of cost
Download the Plugin

CM Answers

CM Answers This is another powerful Forum plugin powered by WordPress that allows users to publish questions, answers and carry on discussions. Integrated with unique features CM Answers allow easy customization of administrator’s functions. Moreover, the dashboard of this plugin comes with advanced offers like answer categorization, auto-approvals, authorship along with varied social media options like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. Additionally, this plugin allows users to sort answers based on their responsiveness, viewership, and votes with advanced display settings. Here are reasons to go for this plugin:
  • Sorts questions and answers through varied ways
  • Successfully runs with BuddyPress API
  • Supports ‘upload file’ feature in the question and answers section
  • Easy to customize display  and layout
  • Multiple files can be uploaded in a single session
  • Exhibits the location
  • Available free of cost
Download the Plugin


bbPress This is a sought-after plugin specifically designed for the users who are facing lagged forum with slow bulletin board features. bbPress was mainly built to work along with web standards, usage, speed, etc. This open-source plugin is distributed under GPL-license having less weight, requiring minimum resources to function. Here are reasons to go for this plugin:
  • Comes with a location-specific system
  • Supports BuddyPress API
  • Sorts discussions based on their status
  • Supports multiple file uploading at the same time
  • Appearance and layout of the plugin is clean and sorted
  • Available free of cost
Download the Plugin


BuddyPress If you own a site that can only be fueled from social media interactions, then BuddyPress is definitely the one for you. This open-source plugin is highly intuitive endowing advanced functionalities. Comprising of varied dynamic features, this plugin is so far considered the best for creating some online community having user profiles, groups, notifications, etc. And the best thing is it allows you to choose your preferences while using its features. If you only want to use few of the menu items and buttons, BuddyPress will automatically adapt itself to the core system. Here are reasons to go for this plugin:
  • Comes with custom profile fields, visibility levels, and some standard field types
  • Enables users to create groups/communities
  • Proffers an easy to manage account with email notifications, password and other settings
  • Powered by varied third party extensions
  • Full-fledged with clean layout
  • Available free of cost
Download the Plugin

Final Thoughts!

There is no question to the fact that an integrated & managed forum can help you build a strong association with the customers.  And when such forums can be easily structured through some advanced software i.e plugins, things get easier. Choose the right forum plugin from the above list and get started.  All you need to do is just download, install, and activate the plugin.

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