Top 6 store locator plugins for WordPress

Top 6 store locator plugins for WordPress
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While the internet gives you the ability to extend your business reach into the virtual space, but you can’t deny the fact that customer lives in physical space. And so, despite performing several activities like shopping, accessing business information, etc. online, many customers may often feel the need to visit your company in the material world. Therefore, you need to make sure that your WordPress website can enable customers to find your locations in a simple and hassle-free manner. What’s more? You can even create a WordPress website with the sole purpose of helping your customers find their way to any specific location, office, or some outlet that offers the service that the customers need. Put it simply, having a good website requires a lot more than offering information or performing some functionalities. Instead, your site must support customers in performing several other tasks, such as helping your users find real-world locations. Fortunately, there are several store locator plugins that can help meet such a need. WP Multi Store Locator

1. WP Multi Store Locator

If you have multiple stores that you would like to manage from your WordPress dashboard and display results in the front end by simple shortcode with Google Maps API with multiple search options then WP Multi Store Locator is the best option for you. With this plugin, you can even link and manage sales managers for each store. With WP Multi Store Locator Pro you can even view search statistics and import/export stores and sales managers data in few clicks to make things easy. Key Features:
  • Manage stores Directory in WordPress
  • Manage sales directory for respective stores.
  • Display search based results with Google Maps
  • Import/Export Stores and sales managers data
  • View search statistics
WP Google Maps

2. WP Google Maps

This is indeed one of the easiest and widely used Google maps plugins out there. WP Google Maps, basically, help in adding a customized Google map in your posts or pages using a shortcode. You don’t have to go through the hassle of integrating iframes to add a Google map to your WordPress website, simply installing the WP Google Maps plugin will help accomplish such as task with ease. Key Features:
  • This is an ideal plugin for showing Google maps that display routes, delivery areas, etc.
  • Helps create responsive maps.
  • Allows creating as many map makers as you require, with animations.
  • You can customize the map markers with a single click of a button, using 9 pre-built map themes and so on.

WP Store Locator

3. WP Store Locator

Whether you want to show the location of all your stores (located in close proximity to your customers) on your website, or would want to help your customers find the location of any nearby stores, WP Store Locator is the right plugin for you. It serves as a location management system that allows to customize your map look and feel. With the help of WP Store Locator, you can allow your users to filter the search results for locations by radius. Additionally, it enables your users to see driving directions to the store in the nearby area in the language based on your preference. Key Features:
  • Helps manage an ample number of stores.
  • Allows changing the language on the map from the admin panel.
  • Provide shortcodes to help you add opening hours of a store, addresses or simply a map containing one marker to a particular page.
  • Display Google Maps in multiple languages.

Top 6 store locator plugins for WordPress - banner

4. Maps by Store Locator Plus

Do you wish to manage tens of thousands of locations from your WordPress install? In that case, Maps by Store Locator Plus might prove the best bet for you. The plugin lets you take care of multiple physical locations by adding a location finder or directory on your WordPress website in just a matter of a few minutes. The plugin is easy to set up and does not require any coding knowledge or extra setup. You just need to enter your locations and add the SLPLUS shortcode to any a newly created or existing page, and you will be able to see a map on your site. Key Features:
  • Insert options to hide/show maps.
  • Supports international languages.
  • Comes with features such as “location search tracking” and “reporting”, helping you find what your visitors search for when visiting your site.

Top 6 store locator plugins for WordPress - banner

5. Locatoraid

Last in the list of Locatoraid, a store locator and zip-code locator plugin that can be used by any business, giving customers the ability to search online for stores, ATMs, hotels, restaurants, and much more. This plugin basically requires your users to enter their address or zip code, and then return the nearest locations sorted by distance, state or city. Key Features:
  • Help users locate your stores quickly by making use of Automatic geocoding.
  • Adds a store locator map with a shortcode.
  • Help detect customer position automatically.
Top 6 store locator plugins for WordPress - mappress google maps for wordpress

6. MapPress Easy Google Maps

If you wish to show the location of international stores, the MapPress Easy Google Maps plugin perfectly suit your needs. It helps integrate a Google Maps on a specific post/page to provide instant search results to users. It comes with an intuitive interface that provides complete control over customizing the appearance of the map. Key features:
  • Multiple maps can be created in a single post or page.
  • You can manage the location of a store from any country that is supported by Google Maps.
  • Allows adding maps also in custom posts type.


If you want to embed a store locator option or a map on your WordPress website, then reading this post will make you familiar with 5 of the best store locator plugins that are worth exploring.

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