How to make a child theme

Using WordPress child theme to customize your WordPress theme is the safest way possible. Because your customization will be saved in a different folder and it won’t get lost when you update the parent theme.

What is a child theme?

A child theme is the mirror reflection of a theme. Whatever changes you make to the reflection will not affect the original or parent theme. But if the parent theme makes any changes it will be visible in your child theme.

Why you should be using a child theme

Using WordPress child themes to modify the theme is one of the safest and recommended way. Your changes will not be deleted if your parent theme gets updated. Another benefit of using child theme is if your child theme modification creates issue you can always deactivate the child and revert back to the parent theme.

Getting started

We recommend all of our customers to create a child theme, even if they’re not planning on modifying theme files anytime soon. It’s not hard to create one, you just need to follow the following instructions:
  1. Create a theme directory in your WordPress install
  2. Create a stylesheet with information about your child theme
  3. Pull in the styles of your parent theme
Once these steps are completed you can activate your child theme and your website will look exactly the same as before, but it will be using your child theme. To make your child theme you can follow this simple guide: WordPress Child Theme