4 errors to avoid for your ecommerce

4 errors to avoid for your ecommerce
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You have an e-commerce site? You have already created a list of products or services, but you don’t know how position yourself in the top results of Google? In this article we will look together 4 errors to avoid on your e-commerce website in terms of search engine optimization, to allow your online business to grow.

1. Poor product description

This error is often done by the clothing and gadgets store: insert a product without a complete description compromises the indexing of the search engines. You must concentrate your efforts to create unique contents quality, not copied from other websites. It is essential to describe the product fully and completely: Google, in fact, award this type of content compared with other SEO techniques.

2. Use the description of the manufacturer

There is nothing wronger and counterproductive that to use the description of the manufacturer: the risk that you run is that Google does not index the page at all, eliminating your product from the search results. Google and the other search engines don’t tolerate copies of the same content in different sites. It can not be easy give an unique description to thousand products, so as a last chance to avoid penalizations, you can try to add the noindex meta tags.

3. No products reviews

At least 70% of buyers in the network see the reviews before to buy any products , so if there are no reviews there is the risk of losing potential customers. Other advantages of the products reviews is that they create unique content for free and effortless for your website keeping the product’s page updated!

4. Poor SEO Optimization

Is important to identify and find keywords that have a fair number of results on search engines to best index your product. In an online store you may have different products of the same brand, the risk is that you can repeat the same keyword too many times. For a better result try to find unique keywords to identify your product.


Optimize your site contents can be a major advantage over other e-commerce sites. Google takes into account the user experience greatly. The best thing to do is to create unique content that fully identify and completely describe your product and google will reward you.

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