5 ways to find the best web hosting company

5 ways to find the best web hosting company

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There are a number of web hosting service providers from whom you can choose a web host in order to start your own website. The term web host is the web server space, web services and other websites’ file management provided to an individual or a company that doesn’t have Web servers of their own. It can also host files, games, images and other similar contents.

Picking a web host is rather a difficult task. Choosing a web host means you are investing a great deal in a supplier, who is responsible to save the online part of your business such as your website and your mail operations. Sometimes, it will be a great loss for you if the web host is unreliable.

Tips for finding a reliable web hosting company

01. List out your website requirement

It is essential for you to first realize the purpose you need your web host for. List out all your requirements for fulfilling that purpose, what website you have or what you want to create. The kind of technology you will be using in your website either a .NET, PHP script, or a simple HTML website, and the database that the website will be driven by, etc.

02. Find out if they have adequate bandwidth and space

The bandwidth resources and the server space are very much important for ensuring that your website is functional. Allocate sufficient amount of server disk space and also database quota, if required, for hosting files and data for your website.

They must provide adequate bandwidth allocation for your website so that the visitors of your website can access the website quickly from the internet. For a successful online business, a fast and a fully functional website is very much important. So for beginners, we recommend you to start with shared unlimited web hosting.

03. Check the server reliability

The server reliability is one of those big issues a web master and the owner of a website are concerned about. A reliable web host having minimum downtime is very much important since your website will be online and running 24/7 hours.

A reliable web hosting company will be able to guarantee high web server uptime of upto 99.9%. The reliability of a web hosting server doesn’t mean only the uptime, but also high server level and data security, fast access speed, instant server backup, etc.

04. Hosting price

The price of various hosting solutions and server types are different from each other. The cheapest ones among the hosting servers are the shared web hosting servers. The VPS or virtual private server solution is of medium expenses while the most expensive hosting servers are the dedicated servers.

Shared hosting servers can be used for personal websites from small to medium ones. The shared unlimited web hosting servers are the best choice. For websites having large traffic such as the websites for medium to large business who have a lot of visits should consider a dedicated or a VPS server. You can also start from a shared ones and latter can upgrade to higher hosting servers.

05. Fast customer and technical support

Customer support is very essential for any web hosting. There might occur a lot of technical issues like database internet connection issue, emails, name servers, malware security, etc. You don’t need to worry about such issues because such issues will be fixed by your web developer and some by the web host. However, for unknown issues you need technical support. You must choose or find a web host that offers you fast customer and professional support 24*7 via multiple channels.

In addition to the above given tips, you must also remember that customers’ feedback and the location of the server are also important. The feedbacks or reviews of the users having similar requirements as yours can be quite useful, lots of negative feedback can also be just as enlightening. Check their comments on forum post and on blogs that criticize about the web host. You must also determine where you want your website to be hosted and according to the location you much choose the web host located in that particular area or country.

Consider all the above given tips and criteria and select the right web hosting company.

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