7 common WordPress myths busted

7 common WordPress myths busted
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The Year of Hackers – 2014 has made cyber security as one of the top most priorities of the customers. WordPress has also introduced new advanced features including enhanced privacy settings to prevent cyber breaching and defend against hacker attacks. Powering around 24% websites all over the internet, it is not surprising that WordPress websites are primary target of the hackers. Due to its large customer base worldwide, WordPress has been associated with a number of myths, many of which relate to security. It is often difficult for people to get fully accustomed to the versatility of WordPress. On the other hand, WordPress has also diversely changed in 12 years of its successful journey. All of these aforementioned stats have combined to nourish a number of myths associated with WordPress. Here we have debunked 7 biggest WordPress myths which are nothing but exaggerated and fictitious statements.

1. WordPress is just a blogging CMS

Here, it is not the mistake of WordPress users but it is a marketing defect. WordPress has always been marketed as a blogging platform. In late 2013, this problem was recognized and WordPress was rebranded as web software with following tagline.
Web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog
As a fact, WordPress is an extensible platform, a full-fledge CMS that not only offers customizable blogging options but also offer advance solutions for e-commerce, directories and complex websites. You can convert your WordPress website into a complete brand shop or transform it into a franchise. On part of speed, reliability and security, WordPress becomes a complete package of your dreams.

2. WordPress is not technically supportive

As open source software, WordPress does not provide support in terms of telephonic help line. But WordPress has an on-site tutorial system which provides complete technical and complex solutions. WordPress has also developed a huge online community which provides amazing technical support 24×7. Above all, you can send your queries to WordPress technicians via email.

3. WordPress is not secure

As stated earlier in the article, security is one of the primary concerns related with WordPress. The most common security problem with WordPress is setting up unreliable login ID and password which can be easily breached. WordPress shares more than 24% of the global web market where basic security breach like this is common. The second problem is of poor technical functioning and management. It occurs when you assign authority to too many people to make changes on the website. It may also occur when the WordPress developer does not fully utilize the security customization options of WordPress. For easiest security upgrading, keep your WordPress website upgraded to latest WordPress version.

4. WordPress is not fast

Not every WordPress website is optimized for speed and processing. There are different things linked with your WordPress website speed. For example, the speed of a website running on dedicated server is faster than the speed of a website running on shared server. You also need to keep the cache of website clear. Some technical tactics to increase your site speed include using a managed hosting company, keeping the website up-to-date and installing an automated cache plugin. The speed of a website also depends on data stored on its pages. As WordPress provides a lot of free space, people upload heavy media files which reduce the site’s loading speed. If your website content requires heavy media files including videos, pictures and infographics then it is better to purchase WordPress Premium version instead of using WordPress basic or free version. It also includes compatibility of website elements. For example, HTML5 video player is ideal to be installed for video media files on HTML5 developed websites.

5. All WordPress websites are similar

WordPress provides more than 12000 templates to choose from along with the option of extensive customization. It is a common misconception that all WordPress websites look same. To your surprise, NBC Sports, Time Magazine and UPS; all use WordPress and their websites look completely different from each other. The best way to make your WordPress website stand out of the crowd is to choose the most suitable template, add a theme and customize it according to your business requirements. You can also install different frameworks like Genesis Framework or code customization like CSS to customize your WordPress website.

6. WordPress plugins are unsecure or unreliable

WordPress is home to 30,000+ plugins. A majority of the WordPress plugins are created by external resources. These may be companies or private developers. For this reason, it is a myth that WordPress plugins contain bugs and viruses and therefore they are unreliable and unsecure. WordPress administration chooses plugins from reliable resources. The plugins are approved only after they pass through WordPress security check system. For improved services, WordPress allows its customers to submit their reviews in WordPress Plugin directory. When you choose a plugin to install, have a look on the reviews and check its rating to estimate its reliability.

7. Only small businesses choose WordPress

The reason behind this misconception is the facility of ultra-customization that WordPress gives you. Most of the small businesses start with free WordPress web hosting. But many big organizations have their official websites developed on WordPress. General Electric, The New York Post, CNN, Forbes and TIME magazine are a few names to share. TechCrunch, the technology giant, also relies on WordPress for its social media presence. These websites are not only fully customized but are also secured with technical expertise of WordPress developers. From blogging to brand presence and e-commerce, WordPress is a fully packaged solution for all. With fresh security upgrading, it also comes with number of templates and plugins to improve your social media marketing services. With WordPress social media sharing buttons, you can build stronger business to customer links and expand your customer base worldwide.

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