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How does it work?

We accept sponsored content for products/services relevant to our audience. Our audience includes people who build and run their own websites using WordPress.

Think your product is a match? These are examples of such products include:

  • Domain & web hosting
  • SEO & digital marketing
  • Backup & security solutions
  • Business tools

You can promote your business on Iografica Themes by a sponsored blog post or making a review of your product/service.

Sponsored Post / Review

Provide a blog post that promotes your business/product/service and meets our editorial guidelines (see below). We’ll publish it on our blog and promote it to our audience via email and social media.

Content guidelines:

  • Must be comprehensive, relevant and useful for our audience.
  • Must be original and never published elsewhere.
  • Cannot violate copyright laws.


  • 1200+ words.
  • Checked for spelling & grammar errors.
  • Use high qualities images width no more than 780 px width.
  • No affiliate links.
  • Only one link admitted.

Are you interested?

Promoting your product or service on our website you will reach thousands of visitors each month. If you are interested in the sponsored post/review send us a mail via the contact page.