Open  Customize > Theme Options > Hero. Use this section to display a call-out in the header of your website. Hero settings: Hero title Hero text Hero button text Hero button url Note: The hero will be showed only in the home/front-page of your website.


Open  Customize > Theme Options > Features. Use this section to display a list of features under the header of your website. Features settings: Feature icon: insert an icon (for example write “icon-diamond”). For icons reference visit: simplelineicons.com Feature heading: write the title of the feature Feature text: write here a custom text Note: The […]

Site identity

Open  Customize > Theme Options > Site Identity. Logo Use this setting to add a logo to your site. Your logo will appear just above the site title. Site Title Use this setting to configure your site’s title. If you do not want to show the site title along with your logo, uncheck the “Display […]

Header image

Open Customize > Theme Options > Header image. Use this section to add a header image or video to your website. The image/video will be displayed as a header background. Header image settings: Background size: edit the size of the background image. Background position: edit the starting position of the background image. Background repeat: set if or […]

Top Header

Open  Customize > Theme Options > Top Header. Use this section to enable the top header and display custom text and social icons. Note: Social icons must be enabled in the Social panel


Starter WP has 3 display locations that you can add a menu to. Primary Menu A menu assigned to the Primary Menu display location will show just below the site title. Secondary Menu A menu assigned to the Secondary Menu display location will show to the far right of the site title. Footer Menu A menu assigned to the Mobile […]


Starter WP has 9 sidebars: Sidebar Header 1 Header 2 Header 3 Header 4 Footer 1 Footer 2 Footer 3 Footer 4 Sidebar Any widgets placed inside this sidebar will appear on posts, pages, categories and archive pages. Header 1,Header 2,Header 3,Header 4 Any widgets placed inside these 4 sidebars will show in the theme’s header. […]

Installing required plugins

Once you have installed and activated Starter WP you will be prompted to install the recommended plugin. Just click on the link  Begin installing plugin. Next, check the box to select the plugin, select the bulk action of install from the drop down box and then click the button to  Apply. Installation and activation can take a […]

Theme installation

We strongly recommend using a child theme with Starter WP. The below will show you how to install Starter WP, without using a child theme: Download Starter WP to your computer.  You can download it from WordPress.org or on our website. In your WordPress admin, go to Appearance → Themes and click Add New from the top of the screen. Click Upload Theme from […]

Page templates

In addition to the default page layout, Starter WP includes two page templates: Full Width When assigned to a page, the main content will span the full width of the page and the sidebar will not be shown. Note: Starter WP’s default page layout also uses the full width of the page, but only when no widgets […]