Sell digital files with Easy Digital Downloads

You are looking for a plugin to sell digital files with WordPress? We recommend Easy Digital Downloads! Easy Digital Downloads is a free WordPress plugin developed for selling images, audio files, videos and more, that can be used as an alternative to the most common WordPress e-commerce plugins. Easy Digital Downloads is downloaded more than 700,000 times and is […]

Best free e-commerce plugins

Do you want to open an online store using a WordPress e-commerce plugin? In this article we present a list of the best free e-commerce plugins for WordPress, they have all the tools you need to start to selling your products online. Here is the list of the best free e-commerce plugins with a short […]

4 errors to avoid for your ecommerce

You have an e-commerce site? You have already created a list of products or services, but you don’t know how position yourself in the top results of Google? In this article we will look together 4 errors to avoid on your e-commerce website in terms of search engine optimization, to allow your online business to grow. 1. […]