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Codester is an online platform that’s built around the idea to help web developers obtain a ready-to-use software solution that can further be customized and adjusted so they fit the project requirements. In a nutshell, Codester allows web developers the opportunity to deal with bigger issues and save their precious time. In the same time, Codester also represents a place where developers can upload their work and generate passive income through sales.

Seamless web asset shopping experience

There are currently more than 5 thousand software products available for download, including App templates for various platforms like Android, iOS, Unity, Buildbox, and many others. The offer also includes website themes and plugins built for a number of platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and a horde of other popular web platforms. For those that are in need of PHP, JavaScript, Python, or CSS scripts and code there are more than a 1000 products that you can choose from on Codester.

All the products are arranged by categories so it’s not a problem to find what you need even if you’ve never been to an online marketplace before. Additionally, when a person buys a certain product they receive update support, which means the buyer also gets all the updates that might come up. Since all the software that developers upload to Codester is reviewed and tested by the Codester tech support team, there’s a small chance of getting a piece of software that won’t work as described. Even in case of such an occasion, the buyer can always turn to support and see their issue resolved.

Another interesting feature of using Codester is their weekly free files offer. Each week different types of files are offered for free to anyone who wishes to download. However, these free products don’t include all the benefits that come with paid content such as updates, support, and any available guarantees. Nevertheless, it’s a good reason to check up every now and then and see if there are any interesting files that you can use and download without the need for any fees. Speaking of no fees, when you buy a product on this market, you only pay the price of the software.

The Flash Sale option, provided by Codester allows buyers to use a limited time frame and acquire software at a discounted rate. The discount usually means 50 percent off on any piece software included in the Flash Sale offer. Unlike Free files, the scripts, apps, themes, or plugins that you buy on Flash Sale include all the benefits or regular, full price, purchase.

To make the purchasing process even faster, Codester introduces Codester Credit which you can purchase using your Credit Card or PayPal account. The buyer chooses the amount of credit ($20, $50, $100, or $500) that will stay active on the account for a year allowing purchase without entering Credit Card information. What you do is actually transfer a certain amount of money for future use so you wouldn’t have to reach out for your pocket every time you want to buy an item. Also, it’s an excellent way to buy products on the run or when you don’t have your wallet around with you.

Passive income opportunity

For those interested in selling their work on Codester and create a passive income, there is a number of good news. First of all, the registration is free, there are no fees included for creating a profile. Secondly, there are no limits to the number of uploads allowed. This means that no matter how much of your work you wish to put on sale, nobody will try and stop you. Once the developer uploads an item, be it a PHP script, WordPress theme, or an amazing custom font, the tech support team reviews the functionality and safety of the item. If the product is not harmful and agrees with the terms and conditions of the market it goes live for sale.

The monetization process is rather simple and much to the benefit of the uploader. Unlike some other online web assets marketplaces, Codester delivers a 70 percent commission to the uploader. This means that for each item sold, 30 percent of the price goes to Codester, while the uploader walks home with a 70 percent share in their pocket. This is more than what developers can hope for on other platforms where commission rates usually span from 30 to 50 percent share. In addition, simply because an item is uploaded for sale on Codester doesn’t mean one should miss out on the opportunity to make some cash through other channels. There is no exclusivity clause so your work can also be put for sale on Codester and other platforms, like your own website per example.


Codester is an online marketplace with a versatile offer of different types of web-related products designed by the developers for all of the developers out there. It is a timesaving option for anyone who is in need of a quick and reliable project solution. Whether you’re looking for a script, website theme or an App that you can adapt, Codester is the place to start your search. Furthermore, if you are looking for a way to create an additional source of finance, there is an online stand waiting for you to share your work with everyone.

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