Best WordPress contact form of 2016

Best WordPress contact form of 2016
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WordPress contact form builder has been found to be one of the significant feature of a WordPress website. If you’re interested to see a good and functional contact form on your business site then you should try using easy and user friendly plugin when you plan to build contact forms which enables you to do customization and is easy to use. It has a dashboard which lets you manage your contact info and best is protected from spam. Below I have discussed some of the best WordPress contact forms of 2016:


WP Forms This has been found to be one of the friendliest WordPress contact form plugin which is used on WPBeginner and many other websites. These were created specifically by the same team as WPBeginner with one sole purpose i.e. to make the WordPress forms plugin powerful and easier. Also know that in this the WPForms Lite is being found free in the WordPress plugin directory that means you can install or download it in any more sites as you want. In this the premium version enables you to extend the functionality and lets you build multi-page forms, payment forms, email subscription forms, order forms etc.

Gravity Forms

Gravity FormsBest WordPress contact form of 2016 - gravity forms plugin One of the paid contact form plugin are Gravity forms which has all the advanced functionality anyone could wish for. It is a powerful contact form for WordPress and can be used to create user submitted content, quiz, and web directory and surveys. Also it’s useful by means of being available for help when you need it by means of forums, FAQs, email support and forums.

Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms These are found to be the freemium contact form plugin for WordPress that has been used to create an amazing interactive form with minimum effort which means it lets you download and install it in more websites as you wish too. It has premium extensions which enables you to improve the ninja form functionality by means of connecting with salesforce, campaign monitor, SMS notifications, fresh books etc. It also has a great community option that is extremely helpful by means of guides, email support and documentation.

Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms This is becoming a very popular choice or most sought after contact form plugin by developers and WordPress users which lets you create beautiful contact forms and has all the advantages you seek from a premium form plugin. This makes it very simple to create your very first WordPress contact form, having its single license costs $49 and its unlimited license cost around $399.It has many add-ons which comes with standard and unlimited plans that allows you integrate formidable pro with Basecamo, MailChimp, Trillio along with different services with the help of Zapier add-on.


In the end one can just conclude that to choose and decide the best contact form plugin varies on your needs and requirements. Therefore, when choosing a WordPress contact form one must think in many dimensions and then make your decision smartly.

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  1. Hi, good post. But I wonder why don’t you mention contact form 7? because it seems to be one of the best contact form plugins.

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