Gutenberg vs WordPress Page Builders: What’s Your Choice?

As more WordPress developers are upgrading to the new WordPress 5.0, the users have been asking several times if the new WordPress block editor Gutenberg is going to be a replacement for the traditional drag and drop WordPress page builder plugins. There has always been a lot more debate as to whether the Gutenberg will eventually match and kill the premium page builders for the free version. The new release of Gutenberg block editor by WordPress is quite more powerful by allowing you to create your own beautiful content layouts. Hence, it stands apart from the premium page builder plugins. WordPress has announced Gutenberg as its default editor which is released as a plugin in a beta testing phase to be with your WordPress websites. In this post, we are going to compare Gutenberg with WordPress page builder plugins to help WordPress developers understand the real difference by sharing a future roadmap of Gutenberg to help you see how it is going to affect in the future.

How does the ‘battle’ begin?

Gutenberg is still in its current form to stay at par with current premium page builder which are available in the market. This is mainly due to its limited options and feature set. Although Gutenberg is fully it still might not get up to the expectations in the market because of the following reasons.

Front-end Visual Editing

For amateurs, Gutenberg does not really have an easy to use drag and drop option or column features but we can strongly expect that it will be featured in very soon. These features are experimental and hence WordPress developers are already working on them. In premium page builders, if you want to design a semi-complex page than the most basic features that user would look for are taken into the consideration for user-friendliness. Even a few of the lowest rated plugins would beat Gutenberg as they have drag and drop plus column features. With this main key point, it can be actually hard to make a direct comparison between the two but there is a very slim possibility of Gutenberg betaing page builders like Beaver Builder, Elementor and a lot more.

Backend Editor

When you are editing or building a page in Gutenberg, at the moment what you see on screen is not actually the live preview of your actual post or page. As Gutenberg is a backend editor and it is best depicted to make your content look like when you preview it. To this, page builder plugins help to give you an actual live preview of your page as you are editing it and you can exactly figure out how the things would appear even without saving the page.

Widgets and Blocks

Gutenberg comes with an accurate set of default blocks which cover all the commonly used content elements. It also allows to save and reuse blocks in other posts and even on other WordPress websites. It comes along with a powerful API which allows plugin developers to create their own blocks as well. All the top WordPress plugins have already got their own Gutenberg blocks which they can use. Prior to this, page builders come even with more blocks, modules, and widgets by offering advanced content elements including carousels, sliders, call to action buttons, contact forms, countdown times and much more. It also allows you to save every individual block, row or an entire template to reuse later.

Extensive Responsive designs

Most of the plugins have extensive responsive design settings which are extremely important for designing websites for all devices and web designers for typically adamant about being in control of what is visible on which devices and how the elements are displayed depending on the device being used for accessing the site. In the current times, more and more people are using mobile devices to access websites and this is increasing the segment of users as they required tailored websites which seem a best for on their small screens. To follow up with this, even Google is about to start using mobile, in the same way, to index a website so the website owners and designers have full control of what is shown and how on variant devices. The current plugin is quite simple and basic that lacks extensive responsive design options as it makes it quite less appealing to page builders and also a less preferred alternative for those who are more serious about the design.

Lacks fewer features

Gutenberg does look like a slightly modified version of the current WordPress editor as it has a plain user interface which can be less appealing than some of the premium page builders. The block editor also lacks other features and additions such as variant template layouts to begin your web design process with. It is especially good for building blocks and block editing as it lets you use shortcodes that do not cut it as far as web and design are concerned. Right now, it also lacks integrations with their own tools like WooCommerce and that’s the reason why people still have to rely on plugins for product sliders and carousels though.

Styling options

The Gutenberg blocks come with their own styling and formatting options as they are very much limited. The users will need to add their own custom CSS for a block in order to have more styling and formatting. On the other hand, page builders offer a lot more stylish options be it from changing background colors of blocks to utilizing gradients and font-icons, selecting fonts to adjust the width of elements and much more on image styling.

The Final Verdict

All the top WordPress page builder plugins work well with WordPress 5.0 and the new Gutenberg editor. Therefore, you can take a look at the best WordPress page builder plugins as per your and how they stack up with each other. We hope this article has helped you understand the basic difference between Gutenberg block editor and WordPress page builder plugins. Keep Learning!

10 best author bio box plugins for WordPress in 2017

Author Bio Boxes are important for engaging website visitors and adding legitimacy to your posts. You can find various ‘freemium’ plugins on WordPress for adding these boxes to your website; however make sure that you are using updated versions of the plugins. Following is a list of the most popular and updated Bio Box Plugins for WordPress in 2017: 10 best author bio box plugins for WordPress in 2017 - starbox plugin


Starbox is an HTML5 supporting Author Bio Box plugin which is search engine friendly, offers numerous themes and integration with social media. The plugin also supports Google Microformats (vCard) to display Rich Snippets in google search results. It’s a customizable plugin allowing you to perform several experimentations with placement of the bio box in order to suite your website needs. The plugin has 10,000+ active installs on WordPress. Fancier Author Box

Fancier Author Box by ThematoSoup

With 10, 000+ active installs on WordPress, Fancier Author Box continues to remain as a popular Bio Box among developers. It is simple to customize and allows you to show the bio box in all content type like posts, pages, and custom post types. The plugin integrates 13 major social networks and also includes Avatars. Simple Author Box

Simple Author Box

Simple Author Box is another highly customizable and responsive plugin on WordPress with more than 10,000 active installs. The plugin offers integration with 30 social media profiles. You can add author box at the end of your posts, showing the author name, author gravatar and author description. Molongui Authorship

Molongui Authorship

Molongui Authorship is a simple responsive Bio Box plugin available in English, Spanish and Arabic languages, which means it can be used in cases wherein you want global connect and catering to audiences speaking Spanish and Arabic. Though you can use only limited customizations in the basic version, it can serve your purpose pretty well. Guerrilla’s Author Box

Guerrilla’s Author Box

It is a minimal plugin offering monochrome theme for author bio box to your articles. Guerrilla’s Author Box allows you to add your name, profile photo, bio information, social profiles, and more. WP Author Info

WP Author Info

WP Author Info allows you to add author details, widget or content using shortcode. Customizations like color and style for author info, social icon format and multiple themes are available to suit your website. WP Author Box Lite

WP Author Box Lite

With its clean and uncluttered design, WP Author Box Lite allows you to add both the author bio and latest posts boxes to increase reader engagement. With this plugin you can also automatically add Google+ profile authorship. Furthermore, the plugin is fully customizable. WP Author Bio

WP Author Bio

WP Author Bio allows you to add author bio along with an option to add multiple authors/co-authors. It is a highly customizable plugin including five sets of social icons. Stylish Author Bio

Stylish Author Bio

Stylish Author Bio is a responsive plugin allowing you to add fields like profession, country, social profile and description along with the author name at the end of your posts or pages. 10 best author bio box plugins for WordPress in 2017 - social pug author plugin

Social Pug: Author Box

Social Pug: Author Box is yet another minimal plugin offering easy customization and placement of author bio box in your website.


These are not the only Author Bio plugins available out there, but these make for a great start. If you want an impressive looking author bio at the end of your post, take your pick from the fifteen plugins listed here, or go ahead and search for a plugin that meets your needs and requirements best.

Best WordPress contact form of 2016

WordPress contact form builder has been found to be one of the significant feature of a WordPress website. If you’re interested to see a good and functional contact form on your business site then you should try using easy and user friendly plugin when you plan to build contact forms which enables you to do customization and is easy to use. It has a dashboard which lets you manage your contact info and best is protected from spam. Below I have discussed some of the best WordPress contact forms of 2016:


WP Forms This has been found to be one of the friendliest WordPress contact form plugin which is used on WPBeginner and many other websites. These were created specifically by the same team as WPBeginner with one sole purpose i.e. to make the WordPress forms plugin powerful and easier. Also know that in this the WPForms Lite is being found free in the WordPress plugin directory that means you can install or download it in any more sites as you want. In this the premium version enables you to extend the functionality and lets you build multi-page forms, payment forms, email subscription forms, order forms etc.

Gravity Forms

Gravity FormsBest WordPress contact form of 2016 - gravity forms plugin One of the paid contact form plugin are Gravity forms which has all the advanced functionality anyone could wish for. It is a powerful contact form for WordPress and can be used to create user submitted content, quiz, and web directory and surveys. Also it’s useful by means of being available for help when you need it by means of forums, FAQs, email support and forums.

Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms These are found to be the freemium contact form plugin for WordPress that has been used to create an amazing interactive form with minimum effort which means it lets you download and install it in more websites as you wish too. It has premium extensions which enables you to improve the ninja form functionality by means of connecting with salesforce, campaign monitor, SMS notifications, fresh books etc. It also has a great community option that is extremely helpful by means of guides, email support and documentation.

Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms This is becoming a very popular choice or most sought after contact form plugin by developers and WordPress users which lets you create beautiful contact forms and has all the advantages you seek from a premium form plugin. This makes it very simple to create your very first WordPress contact form, having its single license costs $49 and its unlimited license cost around $399.It has many add-ons which comes with standard and unlimited plans that allows you integrate formidable pro with Basecamo, MailChimp, Trillio along with different services with the help of Zapier add-on.


In the end one can just conclude that to choose and decide the best contact form plugin varies on your needs and requirements. Therefore, when choosing a WordPress contact form one must think in many dimensions and then make your decision smartly.

3 best free page builder plugin for WordPress

Page Builder plugins make it easy to build responsive column based content while using the widgets you prefer to use. With the right Page Builder plugins, your content will accurately adjust to all kind of mobile devices. Most users get confused when it comes to choosing the most suitable plugin as there is a wide range of page builder plugins available. Most Page Builder plugins work well with all standard WordPress widgets and themes, so you have the freedom to choose the right widget or theme for your website. To help you choose the best page builder plugin, we have put together three best page builder plugins available for WordPress. SiteOrigin Page Builder

SiteOrigin Page Builder

With SiteOrigin Page Builder, it is easy to create responsive grid-based page content that adjusts to the smartphones and other mobile devices with pixel perfect accuracy. It can be an incredible enhancement to your website content editing experience that helps you build home, about us, contact us, and any other page in the best way possible.

No coding required

Page Builder comes with a simple interface that doesn’t demand a single line of code. It generates a highly efficient code for you without any hassle. Live Editing.

Live editing

SiteOrigin Page Builder supports live editing that helps you view and edit your widgets and content in real-time. However, it’s the easiest way to adjust your content on the website.

Row and widget styles

This plugin provides you a complete control over the row and widget styles thus you can create the most innovative page. Moreover, it is easy to change attributes such as background colors, column spacing, and paddings. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is one of the most flexible page builders that work on the front end of your website. Whether you’re a professional developer or a beginner, you will love taking control of your WordPress site while using Beaver Builder. With Beaver Builder, you don’t need to write HTML or confusing shortcodes. It is easy to create engaging yet professional-looking WordPress pages with this highly functional plugin.

Modules And Widgets

Beaver Builder comes with the amazing modules that will help you build beautiful layouts and landing pages. Besides, it supports third-party WordPress widgets, so it is easy to use Beaver Builder with other plugins that you like the most.

100% Mobile Friendly

The layout and landing page of Beaver Builder is fully responsive and works perfectly on any screen size.

Lite version

The free version of Beaver Builder lack of some features like additional modules: Contact Form, Tabs, Slider, Pricing Table, Map, Blog Posts, Subscribe Form, Social Icons, and many more. You can have access to these features upgrading to the premium version of the plugin. Elementor Page Builder

Elementor Page Builder

This plugin is new and is known as the most advanced drag & drop page builder preferred by a large number of users. With Elementor page builder, it is easy to build high-end, pixel perfect websites in a very short time frame.

Much faster

Instant reaction is something we all want to achieve from the users. Elementor Page Builder provides Instant drag & drop, live edit, page load, and other exciting options. The speed of Elementor may not be matched by any other free or paid page builder plugin.

Live design

While using Elementor Page Builder, you can edit the page and concurrently see exactly how it looks like with ease. Elementor comes with live editing which saves your time.

Customizable widgets

Elementor includes many useful widgets, that have been custom made to work inside the live page builder. With these custom widgets, there are endless design possibilities to explore.


Page Builder plugin ensures that your website is mobile-ready and works flawlessly on smartphones, tablets, and all kind of mobile devices. All these 3 Page Builder plugins preferred by the most developers and business owners.

Most used forum plugins for WordPress

If you are a WordPress Developer looking forward to building a community of active users, or a businessman trying to attract new customers to the site, you definitely need a supportive and interactive system. Specifically, a system that is capable of building a strong relationship between customers and service providers. Such systems have been referred to as forums in the modern world. These forums have come up as an exquisite method to create a strong interaction between potential customers and their service providers via discussions, comments, feedbacks, etc. All credits to science and technology that there have emerged manifold one-stop solutions like frameworks, content management systems, plugins, etc. And this utility is best utilized when combined with some powerful web platforms like WordPress. There are hundreds and thousands of WordPress plugins integrated to simplify and leverage this process of question and answers. In short, managing and creating forums have got easy with WordPress. Explore this article in detail and pick the best forum plugin available free of cost to run on your WordPress site.

DW Question & Answer

DW Question & Answer This is one of the best WordPress Forum plugins that have simplified the process of getting the full-fledged question and answer site. Constituting all the latest and robust features, this plugin is quite easy to use. Much like Quora and Yahoo, it allows users to submit, search, and filter questions on the basis of status and other factors. Well, the best thing about this plugin is that it enables users to answer and vote for their entries. Here are reasons to go for this plugin:
  • Available free of cost
  • Supports more than 15 languages
  • Customized Notification for emails
  • Offers reCAPTCHA powered by Google
  • Provides extensive support for comments, questions & answers
  • Manages discussion on the basis of status
  • Comes with an option to Vote the best answer
Download the Plugin


AnsPress AnsPress is a remarkable forum WordPress plugin that effectively functions for questions and answers. This plugin is highly customizable having a clean, well-organized, and simplified layout. Moreover, the flexibility of this plugin additively helps in distinguishing specific comments, questions, and answers by using the specific color. The users can also tag, subscribe, categorize discussions and get notifications about them all. Here are reasons to go for this plugin:
  • Registered user can upvote/downvote a discussion
  • Pre-existing list of items
  • Comes with an inbuilt image uploader
  • Supports 5+ inbuilt widgets that can be used for showcasing links and content wherever you want on your site.
  • Available free of cost
Download the Plugin

CM Answers

CM Answers This is another powerful Forum plugin powered by WordPress that allows users to publish questions, answers and carry on discussions. Integrated with unique features CM Answers allow easy customization of administrator’s functions. Moreover, the dashboard of this plugin comes with advanced offers like answer categorization, auto-approvals, authorship along with varied social media options like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. Additionally, this plugin allows users to sort answers based on their responsiveness, viewership, and votes with advanced display settings. Here are reasons to go for this plugin:
  • Sorts questions and answers through varied ways
  • Successfully runs with BuddyPress API
  • Supports ‘upload file’ feature in the question and answers section
  • Easy to customize display  and layout
  • Multiple files can be uploaded in a single session
  • Exhibits the location
  • Available free of cost
Download the Plugin


bbPress This is a sought-after plugin specifically designed for the users who are facing lagged forum with slow bulletin board features. bbPress was mainly built to work along with web standards, usage, speed, etc. This open-source plugin is distributed under GPL-license having less weight, requiring minimum resources to function. Here are reasons to go for this plugin:
  • Comes with a location-specific system
  • Supports BuddyPress API
  • Sorts discussions based on their status
  • Supports multiple file uploading at the same time
  • Appearance and layout of the plugin is clean and sorted
  • Available free of cost
Download the Plugin


BuddyPress If you own a site that can only be fueled from social media interactions, then BuddyPress is definitely the one for you. This open-source plugin is highly intuitive endowing advanced functionalities. Comprising of varied dynamic features, this plugin is so far considered the best for creating some online community having user profiles, groups, notifications, etc. And the best thing is it allows you to choose your preferences while using its features. If you only want to use few of the menu items and buttons, BuddyPress will automatically adapt itself to the core system. Here are reasons to go for this plugin:
  • Comes with custom profile fields, visibility levels, and some standard field types
  • Enables users to create groups/communities
  • Proffers an easy to manage account with email notifications, password and other settings
  • Powered by varied third party extensions
  • Full-fledged with clean layout
  • Available free of cost
Download the Plugin

Final Thoughts!

There is no question to the fact that an integrated & managed forum can help you build a strong association with the customers.  And when such forums can be easily structured through some advanced software i.e plugins, things get easier. Choose the right forum plugin from the above list and get started.  All you need to do is just download, install, and activate the plugin.

Top 7 WordPress plugins to Increase your conversion rate

If you’re selling a product or services on your website and are looking to generate more revenue, one of the first things you’ll need to be doing is to raise the conversion rate. By optimizing your website for improved conversion, you’re improving the user experience of your website. That means you’re making it easier for your customers to order the product or service they love from your website without any hassle. There are tons of WordPress plugins that help you to increase the conversion rate of your website. In this post, I’ll show you a few of them, both free and premium WordPress plugins. The plugins are categorized as follows: Landing pages, lead generation, monitor stats and A/B tests.

Landing pages

Landing pages are created specifically to build your email list or to sell your product/service. It keeps your visitors’ attention narrowly focused on CTA buttons by removing every distraction. Let’s look at some plugins that can help you to create landing pages on your WordPress website.

1. OptimizePress

OptimizePress OptimizePress comes in both theme and plugin format that lets you easily create landing pages without having to touch a single line of code. Using its built-in live editor, it is easier to design a stunning landing page in minutes even if you’re not a designer. Best of all, unlike other landing page solutions like Unbounce, you only need to pay once. Below are a few benefits of OptimizePress:
  • All landing pages you create using the LiveEditor will be responsive
  • 30 built-in themes to choose from, so you don’t need to design every element of your landing page from scratch.
  • Seamless integration with third party applications such as MailChimp or KISSmetrics.
Price: $97 for up to 3 websites

2. WordPress Landing Pages

Top 7 WordPress plugins to Increase your conversion rate - banner Obviously, there are a lot of premium landing pages plugins available in the market but if you’re looking for a free plugin solution to create landing pages instantly, look no further than WordPress Landing Pages. In addition to creating landing pages, it also allows you to track conversion rates and even help you conduct A/B tests on your pages. As it is a free version, obviously, it is not as versatile as OptimizePress. Though there are lots of pre-made templates to choose from, you can’t customize it beyond a limit as those templates are built for creating small squeeze pages. For that reason, if you need a long sales page, you’ll require to design it from scratch. Price: Free

Lead generation

You might be using a lead capturing tool like MailChimp or AWeber. With the right plugins, you can boost the conversion rate by creating beautiful opt-in forms on your WordPress websites.

3. OptinMonster

OptinMonster OptinMonster is the best lead generation software available in the market. It helps you create beautiful lead generation forms instantly, so you can easily convert your visitors into subscribers. Moreover, it allows you to test which forms work best on your website by A/B testing different forms. Though OptinMonster was started as a WordPress plugin, it is now a stand-alone SaaS application. There’s a connector plugin to make it easier for WordPress users to connect their account with the service. Price: $49/year

4. Optin Forms

Optin Forms Optin Forms is one of the best free opt-in forms plugins that lets you create beautiful Optin Forms with ease. All you need to do is to choose a form design, customize it and add it to your blog with a few clicks. Best of all, it works well with popular email marketing solutions such as AWeber, GetResponse, Mailchimp etc. Currently, there are 5 built-in designs to pick from. Once you picked the design, you can customize its text, fonts, font sizes, and colors. Price: Free

Monitor stats

As an online business owner, you’ll need to track everything you can possibly track. The more data you track, the better marketing decision you can make, which possibly leads to boost the conversion rate.

5. Leadin

Leadin Leadin is an analytics plugin that helps you better understand your website visitors. Once someone fills out the form on your website, the plugin will identify that specific person on each visit by placing a cookie on his browser, and track what pages he visits and when he returns. Below are a few more excellent features of the plugin.
  • Gather more data of your leads: The plugin gathers publicly available data of your leads such as location, social networking info, work history etc.
  • Sync with your email tool: No matter what email marketing tool you’re using, the plugin syncs your leads, so you don’t need to replace or modify your forms.
  • It also helps you figure out what content and traffic sources are driving the most contacts.
Price: Free

A/B test

A/B testing is vital for your website if you’re looking to increase the conversion rate. By figuring out what works best on your website, you can make a better choice to increase the conversion rate and in turn the revenue.

6. A/B Press Optimizer

A/B Press Optimizer Are you looking for a complete WordPress solution for A/B testing? Then, check out A/B Press Optimizer plugin. A/B Press Optimizer is a premium plugin that tests everything on your WordPress websites. You can test different variations of texts, HTML content, images, and pages or post titles. It will run your tests, show the variations to various visitors, track the details and show you which version performs the best on your website. The best thing is, unlike any other A/B testing tool, you’re not required to pay a monthly fee. You only need a one-off payment to own the plugin forever. Price: $49

7. Simple Page Tester

Simple Page Tester Simple Page Tester is a free plugin that lets you run split tests on your WordPress website without having you to edit code. All you need to do is navigating to the edit screen of the page you’d like to test on WordPress dashboard. Then, click set up split test, edit your variation and finally, declare the winner. The plugin is compatible with Google Analytics and goals. The main downside is that it doesn’t allow you to split test more than two pages together. Price: Free


Which one is your favorite plugin? Would you like to add more plugins to the list? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

ShortPixel: Image optimization service for WordPress

WordPress does a great job these days at creating multiple versions of an image during the upload process. It also displays the correct HTML code so that the browser knows which version makes sense to display within your theme based on the user’s screen size. Where it falls short though, is in optimizing the original uploaded image. And the associated thumbnails. So, if it isn’t already optimized using manual techniques, this image could, and often does, negatively affect user experience on a website.

Introducing ShortPixel service/plugin

ShortPixel is an image optimization service, that silently intervenes during the image upload process (and optionally the thumbnail creation process). Its function is to be certain that any uploaded image is optimized, using complicated algorithms, before it hands it off to WordPress to create the different sized thumbnails defined by your Iografica Themes theme. It can also jump in and save optimized versions of the newly created thumbnails as well. ShortPixel is an image optimization service, that silently intervenes during the image upload process. See how to start optimizing your WordPress images with the ShortPixel plugin. This process is largely invisible to you, the WordPress admin. Already have images uploaded? That’s OK, ShortPixel will optimize all previously uploaded images en masse!

Same quality of the original image

ShortPixel creates images that are smaller but that look like the originals

While image backups are turned on by default when using ShortPixel… just in case, the optimized image looks near identical to the original anyway, but with an often significantly reduced file size. Why is this important? I won’t bore you with green benefits of saving space and bandwidth, but I would like to discuss the speed benefits achieved when your WordPress pages and posts have optimized images embedded. With the growing number of mobile users, speed is becoming increasingly more important, and truth be told, many websites are slow even when viewed on desktop computers with fast hardware and high bandwidth. Well, when an image is optimized, as pointed out, it sports a smaller file size on disk. Regardless of size though, when a web page calls for an image from a server, that image has to be downloaded to the device being used to browse the web page, at least on the first visit. Now, the smaller the image, the faster it will download. Help to improve your SEO performance

Improved SEO, user experience, and conversions with faster web pages

Faster pages get better rankings in the search engines, all other things being equal. Additionally, faster pages keep visitors on the website longer statistically. The longer the visitors stay, the more likely they are to achieve your desired call to action. So, with the smaller size of your ShortPixel optimized images, coupled with the efficient codebase of your Iografica Themes theme, you can expect to see more traffic (from the SEO boost), and higher user retention (from the faster page loads). And as a bonus, higher conversions are often a natural result. Best of all, you can set it and forget it! You can download the plugin for free on

Top 10 Social Media Sharing Plugins for WordPress

One of the most vital elements when coming up with an online marketing strategy is Social Media. It is almost the defining factor for small ventures. Integrating social media is terribly simple when you’re using WordPress to run your small business. There will be many off the peg social media plugins for you to pick from. There are many factors that determine what social media plugin you go for. They will vary from what content is offered by your site to which platforms you use most frequently. Here are some of the best social media plugins that WordPress has to offer:

Social Media Feather

Social Media Feather A heavy duty but lightweight plugin, it offers you high performance without much complexity. Social Media Feather helps in keeping the load time low and maintaining a high speed by not using JavaScript. With an appearance that can be customized using social icon skins, it offers you a clean and modern look. As of now, this is the sole social media plugin that supports Retina and high-resolution display that is used by mobile devices.

Digg Digg (no longer available)

This plugin by Buffer is fairly versatile. It has the ability to integrate with pretty much any social media platform and also gives you a handful of customization options. It gives you a choice between creating a floating social media bar, which gives you left and right scrolling options, or using sharing buttons which will appear at top or bottom of the page. Digg Digg can be integrated with just about any social media platform that one might be making use of. Additionally, it’s ‘Lazy Loading’ feature helps in reducing the loading time of the website.

Slick Social Share Buttons

Slick Social Sharing Buttons is one of those WordPress plugins that are easy to implement and provides you with plenty of options. It lets you customize animation speed, location, floating speed, and direction, just to name a few. From choosing between floating and slide-out share bar to customize button types for specifying which pages to display share button on, it lets you do it all. This plugin supports shortcodes as well and additionally provides you with a social analytics dashboard that helps you track your sharing activity.


Flare Flare is quite simply one of the most visually appealing social media plugins you’ll come across. Apart from providing you with customizable share buttons, Flare also allows you to create a Follow Me widget. This widget will ascertain that your visitors are able to follow your social media channels straight from your website. Compatible with almost all major social media platforms, the Flare lets you customize the looks of the share buttons and also adjust the positioning of the share bar. The share bar can be placed at the right or left, or at the top or bottom of the page.

Social Media Widget

Top 10 Social Media Sharing Plugins for WordPress - banner If you’re looking for a simple plugin that has a long list of supported social media platforms, then Social Media Widget is the one for you. Apart from its list of social platforms, it also includes email and RSS. It offers you easy and imaginative customizations and lets you create a sidebar widget for social sharing (it has links that open up in different tab upon clicking). With four icon styles, four animation types and three icon sizes, it makes sure that you come up with something unique for your social media buttons.

AddThis Share Buttons

Top 10 Social Media Sharing Plugins for WordPress - banner This is one of the most famous social media plugins on WordPress. And the reason why AddThis Share Buttons are so widely popular is that they let you integrate with over 300 social and bookmarking sites, and additionally offer you email sharing. Also, by creating an AddThis account, you get to receive free analytics. What it lacks is the option of having a floating social bar. But what it lacks in that department it covers up by giving you tons of layouts to choose from.

Floating Social Media Icon

Top 10 Social Media Sharing Plugins for WordPress - floating social media iconAnother plugin that is famous and is widely recognizable is the Floating Social Media Icon. What it provides you with is a configurable and customizable social bar, it appears on the screen and scrolls along the page with the visitors. But the floating characteristic is optional. One may change it from floating to static icons. This plugin provides you with variety in style selection. It offers you 20 different styles which help you match with the style of your website.

ShareThis (no longer available)

Another name that comes to the mind when talking about popular social media WordPress plugins is ShareThis. Its download count of over 1.5 million is a reflection of its popularity. ShareThis offers you great customizations and a host of features. Also, it supports over 120 social media platforms. The share buttons offered by ShareThis come across as a hovering bar. The hovering bar comes with counters and the buttons can be based on your choice of small or large. Moreover, you’re offered a built-in social analytics and a CopyNShare widget which will aid you in keeping a track of your shares.

AddToAny Share Buttons

AddToAny Share Buttons Covering over 100 websites in 19 different languages and more than 3 million downloads, AddToAny Share Buttons is one the most renowned WordPress plugin you’ll come across. It is a plugin that is easy to customize and loaded with features. It includes “Pin It” button for Pinterest and “+1” for Google+. Additionally, Share Buttons also offer you Facebook “Likes”, “Tweet” button for Twitter. The plugin lets you customize the positioning and the look of the share bar. Also, it integrates with Google Analytics, thanks to which you can get the best out of your social marketing.


Top 10 Social Media Sharing Plugins for WordPress - banner Shareaholic is one of the most powerful plugins which boasts of tons of interesting features. This plugin offers you something more than social sharing. This plugin supports Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and most of the other major social networking platforms and offers share counters for most of them. Shareaholic also provides you with a Recommendation and Related Content tool, built-in social analytics and also comes along with Classic Bookmarks. Google’s URL shortener official support is also provided by this plugin.

4 WordPress plugins to increase your blog traffic

In addition to creating original and interesting content, bloggers also need to know how to promote their content. They need to know how to get their content in front of as many people as possible. WordPress has some amazing plugins that allow bloggers to increase the traffic coming to their website without spending a lot of time. Here are the top 4 WordPress plugins that help you to increase your website traffic.

1. Shareaholic

Shareaholi These days, social media is one of the primary drivers of web traffic. To promote social media sharing, you need to use a plugin that makes it simple to share a post across all the social media platforms. There are thousands of social sharing plugins but Shareaholic is one of the most popular and intuitive to use. Shareaholic includes related content recommendations, social sharing, following, social analytics and site monetization apps such as promoted content, native ads, and affiliate links. Shareaholic is extremely simple, if you only want to use the share functions, you simply turn off the related and affiliate options.

2. Revive Old Post

Revive Old Post As you go on posting new articles, your old blog posts tend to die and traffic slows down after some time. Let’s check how to revive old blog posts and drive fresh traffic to keep them alive. The Revive Old Post (former Tweet Old Post) plugin help you to revive your old posts. The plugin picks your old posts and automatically shares them on social networks. You can exclude posts based on a number of criteria you establish on your dashboard. The plugin supports three social media platforms which includes Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn an it also works well if your website is full of thought-leading content that will be relevant for an extended period of time.

3. Better Click To Tweet

Better Click To Tweet Better Click To Tweet  plugin allows you to easily create tweetable content for your readers. The plugin is a revisited version of the old “Click To Tweet” plugins and make it very simple to install, customise and use.

4. All in One SEO pack

All in One SEO pack The All in One SEO Pack  plugin comes in two versions: the free and the paid one. While you basically can do all the essential things with the free version, the paid one offers additional features like the XML sitemap generator module, performance module, and advanced custom post type options If you want organic traffic from search engines like Google, you must make your Wordpress blog content properly SEO optimized. Thankfully, you don’t need to be a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert in order to get your blog in tip-top shape. Make a SEO optimization with All in One SEO Pack is really simple. With the Internet becoming increasingly crowded, standing out at the top of Google search results is crucial. The All in One SEO Pack allows you to do that.


Using content optimization and social share WordPress plugins you can send a significant amount of traffic to content you’ve created. This kind of plugins gives you the possibility to increase your website traffic and reach more and more readers.